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Pietro --> ConsoFi
Hello everyone,

my name is ConsoFi but i'm sure most of you remember me as Pietro.

1st career (Pietro, 2018 - 2020)

I joined MKW community at september 2018 (when i was 16 years old) and, at the same time, Team APE (Legendary clan made mostly by Italy players, now dead Sad ).
It took some time to learn and improve basics of wars and other stuff.
I wanted to play leagues but i wasn't good enough to play with my italy fellows of Team APE.
Then Zatlo (Team APE leader at that time) told me that i could go in a team that was looking for players on my level.
This team was Equipo Fenix, the leader was Francis (really good player and person also!).
I played RTEL S3 with them and we won! (didn't played all matches, but i did played the 1st finals match so not too bad for my first league season!)
I partecipated with Team APE on KL S1 (didn't played any match but still won it so yeah lol)
Even though those were nothing compared to CTWL S17 with Team APE boys, i became main bagger still didn't played all matches but it went really well! So well that i decided to become main bagger for rest of matches, we played finals with line up composed only by Italy fellows (Sal, Jadid, Kyon, Nico, Pietro) and guess what we won!
Remaining matches i played it was a mix of new tournaments approved by staff (Retro, Celestial, new formats) had fun. Saddest moment was Team APE that after a terrible MKPS Summer Split season decided to no longer play matches since a fresh start was needed and at same time suddenly i slowly started losing my interest in the game, in the end at august 2020 i decided to take a break from the game since i needed to concentrate more in IRL things.
Never lost the chance though to still watch some streams and videos to remember how much the game gave to me and improved myself both as person and player.

2nd career (ConsoFi, 2023 - present)

Last months, i seriously thought of getting back into the game and it became real at september 2023.
This time though i don't want to stick as the classic boring player who came here just to play.
I want to help the community to improve every single day, indeed i decided to create my own team (Team Calm) where my main target is to help people to improve both as person and player like the game did to me!
And maybe even become a staff member of Leagues or Lounge.

For now this is it!
If you are an old player who played with me feel free to leave a message under this thread!
Thank you for reading and i hope you have a wonderful day or night!

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