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Friend Roster Design & Creation Thread
This thread is the hub for all things roster creation. Find special characters, images and flags to make your roster thread that little bit more professional.

Show ContentStep-by-Step How To:

If anyone has any questions or if you have suggestions on things to add, please reply to this thread!
This post serves to provide quick access to some of the more widely-used symbols used in Mii names so that users can copy them into roster threads.
For a complete list of all symbols that can be used, please refer to this thread.

Show ContentEuropean Version of the Mii Channel Characters:
Show ContentJapanese Version of the Mii Channel Characters:
Show ContentMario Kart Wii-only Symbols (Region-Free):
Show ContentSymbols from the Nintendo DSi (Region-Free):
Show ContentSpecial Korean-only Symbols:

Credit to AGP for the original Mii Name Characters thread on MarioKartWii.com
This is a list of sprites of characters, controllers, ranks, items, and vehicles for those who wish to show their favorite character, their preferred controller, etc.

Show ContentCharacters:
Show ContentControllers:
Show ContentRanks:
Show ContentItems:
Show ContentVehicles:
Show ContentTracks:
Flag | Country | Gameboards Code

[Image: aq.png] Antarctica | (flagAQ)
[Image: ag.png] Antigua and Barbuda | (flagAG)
[Image: ar.png] Argentina | (flagAR)
[Image: aw.png] Aruba | (flagAW)
[Image: au.png] Australia | (flagAU)
[Image: at.png] Austria | (flagAT)
[Image: bs.png] Bahamas | (flagBS)
[Image: bb.png] Barbados | (flagBB)
[Image: be.png] Belgium | (flagBE)
[Image: bm.png] Bermuda | (flagBM)
[Image: br.png] Brazil | (flagBR)
[Image: vg.png] British Virgin Islands | (flagVG)
[Image: ca.png] Canada | (flagCA)
[Image: cl.png] Chile | (flagCL)
[Image: co.png] Colombia | (flagCO)
[Image: cr.png] Costa Rica | (flagCR)
[Image: cu.png] Cuba | (flagCU)
[Image: dk.png] Denmark | (flagDK)
[Image: ec.png] Ecuador | (flagEC)
[Image: sv.png] El Salvador | (flagSV)
[Image: fi.png] Finland | (flagFI)
[Image: fr.png] France | (flagFR)
[Image: ge.png] Georgia | (flagGE)
[Image: de.png] Germany | (flagDE)
[Image: gr.png] Greece | (flagGR)
[Image: gl.png] Greenland | (flagGL)
[Image: gu.png] Guam | (flagGU)
[Image: gt.png] Guatemala | (flagGT)
[Image: ht.png] Haiti | (flagHT)
[Image: hn.png] Honduras | (flagHN)
[Image: is.png] Iceland (flagIS)
[Image: in.png] India | (flagIN)
[Image: ie.png] Ireland | (flagIE)
[Image: it.png] Italy | (flagIT)
[Image: jm.png] Jamaica | (flagJM)
[Image: lu.png] Luxembourg | (flagLU)
[Image: mx.png] Mexico | (flagMX)
[Image: ms.png] Montserrat | (flagMS)
[Image: nl.png] Netherlands | (flagNL)
[Image: nz.png] New Zealand | (flagNZ)
[Image: no.png] Norway | (flagNO)
[Image: pk.png] Pakistan | (flagPK)
[Image: pa.png] Panama | (flagPA)
[Image: py.png] Paraguay | (flagPY)
[Image: pe.png] Peru | (flagPE)
[Image: ph.png] Philippines | (flagPH)
[Image: pl.png] Poland | (flagPL)
[Image: pt.png] Portugal | (flagPT)
[Image: pr.png] Puerto Rico | (flagPR)
[Image: kn.png] St. Kitts and Nevis | (flagKN)
[Image: lc.png] St. Lucia | (flagLC)
[Image: vc.png] St. Vincent and the Grenadines | (flagVC)
[Image: sa.png] Saudi Arabia | (flagSA)
[Image: sg.png] Singapore | (flagSG)
[Image: kr.png] South Korea | (flagKR)
[Image: es.png] Spain | (flagES)
[Image: se.png] Sweden | (flagSE)
[Image: ch.png]Switzerland | (flagCH)
[Image: tw.png] Taiwan | (flagTW)
[Image: tt.png] Trinidad and Tobago | (flagTT)
[Image: tr.png] Turkey | (flagTR)
[Image: vi.png] US Virgin Islands | (flagVI)
[Image: ae.png] United Arab Emirates | (flagAE)
[Image: gb.png] United Kingdom | (flagGB)
[Image: us.png] United States of America | (flagUS)
[Image: ss.png] Unknown | (flagSS)
[Image: uy.png] Uruguay | (flagUY)
[Image: ve.png] Venezuela | (flagVE)

Source: https://usefulshortcuts.com/skype-emotic...Skypes.php
[Image: 7y5Q.gif]

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