Welcome to Mario Kart Unlimited -- Mario Kart Wii's only home built around Players' Choice! (July 22, 2022)

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Mario Kart Unlimited Site Ruleset (July 23rd, 2022)
Mario Kart Unlimited Site Ruleset

  1. When you join our servers or website, you agree with our current ruleset and conditions. Staff will not honor members who attempt to manipulate the rules for their own gain.
  2. Under compliance with COPPA, you must be 13 years or older to join Mario Kart Unlimited (MKUnlimited/MKUL) and its associated spaces on the web. Any member found to be under 13 will immediately be banned until they can verify they are 13 years or older.
  3. On-site and associated web space (MKUnlimited servers, MKUnlimited social media, etc.) violations will be rejected if they are older than 100 days unless they involve cases of extreme harassment or illegal activities (according to US Law). In addition, reports within the 100 day range will not be accepted from anyone other than the member targeted by the disallowed behavior.
    Off-site violations will not be considered unless they involve cases of extreme harassment or illegal activities (according to US Law).

  4. In addition to the rules listed here, individual sections of the forum will have their own rules that must also be followed. These rules will be contained in a sticky'd thread for sections where they are applicable.
  5. We expect all members to show respect to one another, as according to the age-old Golden Rule. The intent behind a member's behavior is considered heavily when staff make decisions.
  6. MKUnlimited uses a warning system to enforce these rules. The warning system works as follows:
    • 25% Warning Level: 2 Week Suspension of Posting Privileges
    • 50% Warning Level: 1 Month Ban
    • 75% Warning Level: 3 Month Ban
    • 100% Warning Level: Indefinite Ban (ability to appeal based on staff discretion)
    • Minor Violations = +5% Warning Level
    • Moderate Violations = +10% Warning Level
    • Major Violations = Varies Between +25% and +100% Warning Level (based on staff discretion)
  7. Minor violations include (but are not limited to): spam, not using spoilers for excessive swearing, continued individual targeting/trolling of other members (after being advised to stop), repeatedly violating and neglecting sub-forum rules, abusing site features, and excessive self-promotion.
  8. Moderate violations include (but are not limited to): repeating minor violations, excessive spam, continued group targeting/trolling of members (after being advised to stop), pornographic language, using alternate accounts (first violation: alt deleted, second violation: primary account ban), and repeated advertising of competing websites (that share our infrastructure).
  9. Major violations include (but are not limited to): repeating moderate violations, cheating, sharing malicious codes (the code's potential for abuse will be reviewed by staff), deliberately inciting self-harm, posting graphic content, extreme harassment or illegal activities (doxing, pedo/hebephilia, predatory behavior, DoS'ing, bypassing blocks with multiple accounts, repeatedly sharing pirated content like ISOs and ROMs, etc.), and defamation of other users or staff.
  10. Members may appeal any ban after it is given. Any appeal will be accepted for review at staff discretion.
  11. Staff will be removed or demoted (based on staff discretion) if they are exhibiting behavior that compromises the integrity of the forum (outlined by the rules above). Staff are expected to set an example for other members within the boundaries of MKUnlimited and its associated spaces on the web.
  12. Any content or behavior that violates the CreateMyBB Terms of Service is expressly prohibited.

Thank you for your cooperation; enjoy the site!
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Credits to: Mario Kart Unlimited Founders & Staff, CreateMyBB - Free and Easy MyBB Forum Hosting
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