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Our Mission with Clanning
The current way the community handles clanning (no measures in place to keep track of what clans a member is a part of) has resulted in focusing on individualism among clan members over collectivism as a whole clan. Lounge has not helped in this regard, with solo-queue effectively eclipsing the activity of non-league clan wars (or scrimmages). New players to the current community see two areas: Mogi Lounge and Grand Star Cup. Usually, they see Mogi Lounge first. The way Lounge uses tags of deceased clans and people looking for multiple clans in the recruitment area has given the impression that multiclanning is in no way a bad thing. As for Grand Star Cup, it has contributed to the idea that the only time multiclanning shouldn't happen is in leagues, which we believe to be absolutely false.

Multiclanning is why collectivism, clan loyalty, clan identity, clan pride, and clan activity have started to die out (especially outside of a league setting). The only time a clan has a distinct roster that can form a solid basis of identity for them, is during leagues. Outside of leagues (with few exceptions--namely high division clans) a lot of clans are revolving doors for who can war. While many people are growing up and starting to have lives, this still undoubtedly creates a situation where availability is an issue. If your clan has to constantly cycle members because they go prioritize other places, then it's not going to last very long. Members going to several other places is the primary side-effect of letting multiclanning become so prevalent.

We want to cultivate a healthy clan scene on MKUnlimited, with no multiclanning issues or ambiguity over what the different clans are and what they mean. A label means nothing if there's no solid definition and structure behind it to back it up. We want varied activity and not just league matches or 5v5s, and we believe having distinct clan types will encourage this. We want to see a resurgence of scrimmages and other war sizes/formats. We believe a healthy clan scene consists of the following:
  • Stability (members in clans rarely change)
  • Longevity (clans stick around for a long time)
  • Notoriety (clan names have long histories and stories behind them)
  • Purpose (clans have a reason to show off what they have accomplished and who they are)
  • Variety (the scene evolves the metagame through format experimentation or keeps members engaged with alternative forms of play)
And we believe a clan that will be remembered for decades has the following:
  • Collectivism (synergy among members)
  • Loyalty (members stick around)
  • Identity (memorable imagery, matches are a conversation starter, makes a place in history)
  • Pride (acknowledges its achievements, markets itself, gains an audience)
  • Activity (frequent wars, loose preferences when seeking matches)
We believe these values will be restored with the right system.

So, how does MKUnlimited plan to handle this?

First of all, we are going to redefine the different clan types and the rules associated with them. We are also going to be prohibiting certain clan types from being on our site. These can still be promoted via server link, but no other methods. Below are the following clan types, their definition, and the associated rules that we plan on having for MKUnlimited:

[Image: PXmkoYn.png]

Everything presented in this infographic is also listed individually with extra details, within a sticky'd thread for each respective clan type's forum section!

As you can see, we have made a lot of changes. Many of these concepts existed on the vBulletin version of MarioKartWii.com and we're just bringing them back in our own way, but a couple are also brand new. For people who entered the community in 2016 or later, all of this will seem new to you. Below is a summary about the changes:

Show ContentHistorical vs. Current Change Summary (if you only care about the structure, skip this spoiler):

Secondly, we will do as Mario Kart Central has done. We are going to have a robust registry for every member of the forum who creates and joins a clan. We will have limits depending on the clan types that are joined (as defined above). This will serve two purposes: a way to keep track of which clans are interested in our community and what we have to offer, and a way to uphold the integrity of our clan structure.

Thirdly, we are starting over keeping track of clan names and tags. With how much history was lost and how widespread multiclanning became, clan tags and names became a dime a dozen. The only way to combat this is to start fresh, within reason (juggernauts in the history books like Imperious for example, will still be protected). Clans that reach Veteran will have their identity preserved permanently, giving more value to names and tags than we've ever had previously.

Lastly, the clan structure we have composed will remain static and unchanging, except for EXTREME scenarios (such as having to remove a type of clan from the site). We want a rock-solid foundation for clanning going forward. and for that to happen our definitions have to be rigid and firm. Too often older communities would change the definitions of things, leading to confusion and compromising the integrity of the entire system they have. We will not let this happen here and intend on providing the best clan scene possible for our members.

On behalf of all the staff, we wish you all the Best of Luck and Happy Clanning!
Reserved for ranked scrimmages.

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