Welcome to Mario Kart Unlimited -- Mario Kart Wii's only home built around Players' Choice! (July 22, 2022)

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FAQ for New Members
Q: What is the point to MKUnlimited?
A: Please read Our Mission Statement.

Q: What are the rules on MKUnlimited?
A: Please read Our Ruleset.

Q: What features does MKUnlimited have?
A: You can view our full list of features in this thread.

Q: What is Pulsar?
A: Pulsar is a new modding framework like LE-CODDE, but open source and expandable. We will be using this framework for our own MKUL modding distribution.

Q: If my clan registers as a Main on MKUnlimited, do I have to leave my other clans that aren't registered?
A: MKUnlimited will not recognize other clans you're in as Main Clans. The only clans we recognize as Main Clans are ones registered with us. For clans that are registered with us, you will not be allowed to register for more than 2 RT clans with timezones 3+ hours apart & 1 CT clan OR 1 Mixed clan & 1 RT or CT clan.

Q: Can my clan play GSC and still be registered to MKUnlimited?
A: MKUnlimited isn't concerned with affairs unrelated to our site. You are free to play whichever leagues you wish and remain involved with us; just understand that we will only adjust our events for those who play in outside competitions, to a limited capacity (significant matches and casting). Schedule accordingly.

Q: Can I share my league on MKUnlimited?
A: Leagues officially endorsed by us will be at the top of the site, but everyone is allowed to promote their league in a thread in this section.

Q: If I want to make a Sub-Clan, where do I put it?
A: MKUnlimited doesn't support Sub-Clans. You may submit your server link to our Sub-Clan Server Directory, but we will not be allowing Sub-Clans to come directly to our site in any capacity. If you want to make a Sub-Clan with a theme to it, make a Themed Clan in the Themed Clans section.

Q: Are you going to have a Lounge of your own?
A: MKUnlimited has no plans to host a Lounge. We believe the current Lounges are sufficient for the solo-queue format (which we will not be prioritizing). Instead, we may host tournaments for variety formats with a weekly event circulation.

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