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Accepting FCs Mαιdνelια♥ / ♥Phσebe

IGNs: Mαιdνelια♥, ~-tag-♥Mαιd~, ♥Phσebe
Names: Andrew, Phoebe
Pronouns: He/Him and She/Her
Gender: Janegirl/Femboy, Sissy
Sexuality: Gyneromantic, Heterosexual
Sex: Male
Chromosomes: XY
Age: 26
About Me: Cashier with IT associate degree, game completionist, former Wiimmfi Server Ban Moderator, Founder of Wiimmfi League, former MKB Admin, former CTGP Track Council
Game History: March 2010 to present, MKUL Founder, MKUL Admin
Achievements: Clan Volo WCL S10 D9 Champions, Clan Volo IL S2 D2 Champions, High Definition IL S3 D5 Champions, Team Rocket SCL S4 D2 Champions, Daughters of the Amazon CSL S2 D3 Champions, Unbroken RTCSL S7 D3 Champions, Daisy Squad CTWL S13 D1 Champions, Manganese RL S1 D2 Champions
Notable RT Clans: HD☆, M» (trial), [Rω], [CV], TR★, Dα, U★, R7, T7, [☆], HY, ΛVΞ, «◇»
Notable CT Clans: HD☆, [CV], ΨΨ, Dα, FL, U★, βc, Dαιsγ, Mn, T7, «◇»
Notable Themed Clans: ☆Mχ☆ (karts), Dιε★ (Diddy Kong only), υν· (underused combos)
Playstyle: Aggressive unless asked
Controllers: [Image: WiiWheel.png] Past, [Image: GCN.png] Present
Combos: [Image: Diddy.png] & [Image: Daisy.png] + [Image: machbike.png] & [Image: daytripper.png], [Image: Funky.png] + [Image: flamerunner.png], [Image: MiiA.png] + [Image: bluefalcon.png]
Stats:[Image: 3star.png], 9999 VR, 8000+ BR
Tracks: SNES Mario Circuit 3, N64 DK's Jungle Parkway, Bowser's Castle, GCN DK Mountain, DS Yoshi Falls
Custom Tracks: Sunset Desert (1.02), Garden of Dreams, Cherry Blossom Garden, DS Shroom Ridge, GBA Bowser Castle 2, DS Airship Fortress, Slot Circuit


Save File Copy
4297-4674-3102 OPENHOST Green UPnP ~1/90~

~ [Image: us.png] Volt

Original Save File
4297-4674-3102 OPENHOST Green UPnP ~30/30~

~ [Image: au.png] Adagio
~ [Image: us.png] Arch
~ [Image: us.png] Astro Star
~ [Image: us.png] Blissy
~ [Image: us.png] Chloe
[Image: duster.png] Ciara
~ [Image: us.png] Cody
~ [Image: ca.png] Crash
~ [Image: us.png] Emil
~ [Image: us.png] Eon
~ [Image: us.png] Gray
~ [Image: us.png] Jam
~ [Image: us.png] Jeremy
~ [Image: gb.png] Jazz
~ [Image: gb.png] Mega
~ [Image: ca.png] Misdreavus
~ [Image: gb.png] Mr. Bean
~ [Image: us.png] Orange
~ [Image: us.png] Rookie
~ [Image: us.png] Scarlet
~ [Image: ca.png] Shane
~ [Image: us.png] Skitty
[Image: duster.png] [Image: us.png] Spade
~ [Image: us.png] Torn
~ [Image: us.png] Zak
~ [Image: au.png] Zexy

[Image: duster.png] Bestie
My Servers

Personal Server ~ Phoebe's Garden

Niche Community ~ Fairy Frills Fanclub

Social Media


Accepted Labels

1. Femboy(-Fairy Maid)
2. Janegirl(-Fairy Maid)
3. Gender Nonconforming Male
4. Sissy(-Maid)
5. Fairy(-Maid)
6. Trap(-Maid)
7. Girly Boy
8. Brolita
9. Drag Queen
2v2 Record - Searching for a Partner


1v1 Record

RTs: 0-0-0
CTs: 0-0-0
Favorite Song of All Time

Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park (Metal Remix by Samuel Wright/GuitarmanSDW)

Song of the Week Inconsistent Time Period

Lost by Linkin Park

GFX & Renders

Show ContentFabulous Mean Girls-Inspired Bust Illustration of My Persona by Renegade_Ciara:

Show ContentImmaculate Full-Body Illustration of My Persona by Renegade_Ciara:

All of My Current GFX

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