Welcome to Mario Kart Unlimited -- Mario Kart Wii's only home built around Players' Choice! (July 22, 2022)

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Mario Kart Unlimited Discord Server & Projects
Discord Server

Invite Link - https://discord.gg/Sj3swszDRk
We utilize Forum Channels for most of our server. Every channel that is a forum channel will be denoted by a * next to it.

Access & Info Area
gate, rules, directory, news, featured, links, resources (2 threads--MKW & Wiimmfi, General)

Main Discussion Area
public (3 threads--Casual Discussion, Competitive Discussion, Tech Support), suggestions*, modding*, improvement* , plug your media, bots, Main Call, Staff Q&A Stage, AFK channel

Creators' Commons Area
creator of the week, gallery, networking, participants

Play Now - The Hub Area
lf-private-rooms*, lf-public-lobbies*, friend-rosters*, find-friends

Clan Zone Area
find-a-match*, recruitment*, seeking clan*

Tournaments Area
tournaments we run will be announced/ran here


MKW Format Testing - https://discord.gg/MCBqZNgbWF
Custom Track Pack Hub - https://discord.gg/wYRQ3B7pJH

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